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Application Areas

Generation and conversion of energy

In the area of generation and conversion of energy, our products are applied in generators rated from 1 to 1400 MW as well as in gas or steam turbines rated from 0.1 to 1000 MW. We also project bearings for slow, multipolar water turbines. Highly stressed gearings for gear reduction between steam and gas turbines and generators rated up to 90 MW are equipped with our bearings, likewise large engines of all kinds with ratings from 1 to 100 MW.


Naval construction

In the area of naval construction, we mostly produce bearing systems for diesel generators and electric drives of cruise ships. Another major application are special bearings for the generator system of cargo ships.


Grinding technology

Bearing systems implemented as neck bearings for small and medium sized tube mills and tilting-pad bearings for large tube mills are our major bearing system applications in grinding technology. We are market leader in bearings for gear boxes of bowl mill crushers.


Special applications

Many of our products are not easily related to any of the above mentioned application areas, like journal bearings for turbocompressors.
Reconstruction and modernization of existing installations are also important business areas for us. We mostly re-engineer bearing systems of hydroelectric power plants and gearings. On customer demand, the existing systems are replaced by our innovative bearing systems.