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Welcome to the hompage of Gleitlagertechnik Weißbacher GmbH. We have been designing, making and repairing oil lubricated plain bearings for industrial use for more than 25 years. Our dedicated team will gladly answer all enquiries that you may have concerning our products.


A journal bearing is a machine element generating a completely seperating oil film between shaft and bearing. The oil film is the load bearing element in this arrangement.

The body of a journal bearing made by our company mostly consists of steel. In individual cases it can be made of copper alloy. To enable a start of the machine from standstill without damaging the shaft, a layer of a relatively soft babbitt based on tin and lead is applied on the bearing surface. 

There is no contact between shaft and bearing during operation. Therefore, during steady state operation, the journal bearing is in principle wear-free.


The journal bearing system is a functional unit that consists of the component journal bearing in an adequate environment with bearing housing and oil supply. Parts of this functional unit are, if necessary, also elements like sealings, oil pumps, pipings, cooler, instrumentation and others. The complexity of this functional unit is often larger than the comlexity of the journal bearing itself.


GTW is your competent and professional partner for journal bearings and journal bearing systems in plant and mechanical engineering. We do not just see ourselfs as a component supplier, but also as an advisive partner for realisation of complex projects. With own ideas and suggestions we help to create your success.